Vow Renewal


So excited to finally blog about such a memorable vowel renewal from this summer. It was a fantastic shoot that was coordinated by Alex Nesterak, her website is here: http://www.alexandranesterak.com/






Rhode Island Wedding


So happy to share these photos from a recent wedding in Sakonnet, Rhode Island. I smiled, laughed and probably teared up more than is good for any photographer. The bride and groom’s families combined their efforts to have a full-on DIY wedding, doing most details themselves, right down to the groom who made the 5-layer cake. The flower arrangements were designed by the bride and her bridesmaids. The food was cooked by the groom’s family and friends and the reception was held on the bride’s family’s property on the Rhode Island waterfront. It was wonderful to see such a seamless transition from two families into one. I am so honored to have witnessed the thoughtfulness, love and hard work that went into this day.

Deep Creek Vacation


Too many hilarious photos were taken on our family vacation to pass up the opportunity to do a blog post. What a relaxing week! Full of swimming, sun bathing, star gazing, hiking, reading books, playing games and laughing at the babies. Deep Creek was a fantastic place to go and get away from the rush of the DC metropolitan area. Even though the weather was surprisingly chilly for the month of August, we swam most days and enjoyed walking around the lake.

Wave Pendulum


I was pretty excited to document the awesome science project that my husband and I have been working on for a few weeks. It’s called a wave pendulum, and if you don’t know what that is then you should probably check it out:

After finding all the supplies and picking out the right color of stain, we went to work on creating the frame for the pendulum. I didn’t capture any photos of the structure being built. But let’s just say, that’s because of all the hardcore sawing and drilling that I was busy with! It took a couple hours of work every day for about five days before we had a sturdy frame that we felt comfortable hanging 15 ball bearings from.

Finally, one rainy day we set to work on hanging our pendulum balls and trying to recreate that oh-so-awesome-wave-effect that one gets with hours and hours of adjusting and readjusting. I took a few shots of Johnnie hanging, adjusting and testing our pendulum.

Baby Oscar

Personal, Portraits

Wahoo! Another baby in the family to photograph. Oscar and his mama came to visit us in Gaithersburg over their Spring Break. The impromptu shoot was done in our low-lit living room. Oscar got a little tired at the end of the shoot and started yawning but that only made the photos more adorable.

Willow Tree Inn Wedding

Events, Wedding

I couldn’t wait to do a blog post about this wonderful bride and groom. They celebrated their wedding at the Willow Tree Inn in Gaithersburg, Maryland on a beautiful March afternoon. Yenti and Tandi had two ceremonies, one of which was a Traditional Tea Ceremony. The couple was full of smiles and laughter as they poured tea for the close family members and friends in the room. Shortly after the Ceremony the party commenced with plenty of toasts ringing out for the bride and groom to share a kiss.